Mountains crumble,
But no-one thinks to notice –
Always passing,
At cones and weathertops –
Party hats of millenia
Made concrete and sage –
But they do crumble,
Softly, like birthday cake,
Revealing core – molten? Ash?
Certainly new,
And it blinks in the light
Like a babe.

How these titans crumble now
Revealing skin soft and sensitive
Underneath the heather patches;
Gales become breaths
Whispered through history –
A whisp of hair tucked like
A snowflake on a fingertip
By the same hands that grasped
And shook
And made those mountains crumble,
And made these mountains tumble.
The raw flesh of lava –
Her skin torned anew.
The harsh cry of a wolf,
He howled for his place.
Environments toppled and time
Twisted inside out
As these titans carved an egg
In the bubbling heart of
The mountain they destroyed
Together –
And within it they lay,
Quivering and gentle
Whithin a fragile shell
They built together
To do nothing endlessly,
To squirm and shiver
As she forced and he found the raw
Within themselves –
They touched and they barked
And they showed each other
Inside their own eggs,
Hers brittle, his fragile,
So much older than the home
They built around
Each other.

In the time of a mountain
Like two embryos
Reeling from being birthed
In the eyes of the other –
Palms caught, fingers shook
And voices interweaving
Dared their egg to break
And dared the world to see
Two titans, softened,
Two titans – just human, really,
No matter how big their shadows.
No matter,
When one matches the other.


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