I’m worried for my nation.
I fear this decision will tear apart
A belief, an idea, a people-
A people who are lucky to be whole
When the world is ripping itself apart for gods,
Ripping itself apart in hatred,
Fearful fingers clawing at divides
Trying to wrench chasms in the earth
That knows us all to be equal.

I’m fearful of the borders;
Words of barbed wire and differences,
In a time we need acceptance,
In a time we need each other –
They are growing out of the sand
And the mistaken belief
The waves will keep us safe.

I’m upset for our homes,
For the roofs built by British hands,
All different coloured skin
Huddling for warmth,
When the only fire we have now
Will be the fire of anger,
The fire of hate,
The fire of a false idea
Of nationhood
That burned the bridges
Spanning our potential.

I’m anxious for our children,
For the people they won’t know,
For the cultures they won’t experience,
For the freedom they won’t taste,
And for the lessons they will learn –
That something built for peace,
Something created in hope
Should so easily be forsaken
And dismantled
By lies they will know as truths.


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