Student Prez spotted partying on paid leave of absence

Student President, Megan Dunn, is currently in her third week of paid absence from her job, but has been tagged partying in Cardiff on the bank holiday.

Megan took a personal leave of absence on the 24th April, however, photos show her partying in Cardiff over the bank holiday weekend just days before.


Considering our Sabbs are paid £17,329 per year, we’ve worked out that Megan’s three weeks off works out to £928, or, more appropriately:

* 928 VKs in Liquid

* 1344 Vodka mixers in Paramount

* 244 Hangover paninis from Grub

Of course, this is slightly concerning she was recently elected as NUS Vice-President for Higher Education for next year.

An AUSA spokesperson said today that, “Megan has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. Her leave started on the 24th April and two of the other Sabbatical Officers have taken on Presidential responsibility in lieu of their own jobs.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 16.39.04

It turns out the two are Sports Pres and flatmate Marc McCorkell, and upcoming Student President, Emily Beever:

“Megan’s work is being divided primarily between Marc and myself, with other tasks being shared amongst both staff and officers.”

However, students are not impressed with Megan’s attitude. It was on her 20th day of absence from the office that The Tab was approached by a student who was fed up of seeing photos of her out skiting all over the country. He said:

“It’s absolutely ridiculous, I’m fuming that she’s not doing her job to go out drinking with her mates.”

Another student had this to say: “She gets paid a good wage by AUSA to be a presence on campus and listen to students’ needs – how is she managing that by being at the other end of the UK? A personal leave is absence is fine, but I don’t think you can justify three weeks off when photos crop up of you drinking in Wales.”

This article was originally posted on The Tab Aberdeen.


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